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When To Replace Your Roof: Look For The Signs

1. It’s clear that your roof is deteriorating.

If you have a shingle roof, it’s easy to determine when it needs attention. Check for buckled, discolored, or missing shingles, as these are signs that repair is necessary. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to contact RAA Roofing. A damaged shingle or metal panel can mask underlayment deterioration and cause further problems, including damage to the wood decking and interior ceiling. If many of your shingles are in poor condition, it may be time for a replacement. RAA Roofing can help you investigate the situation. RAA Roofing is an experienced, fully insured roofing contractor that serves the entire Los Angeles area.

2. Your roof has exceeded its expected lifespan.

Roofing materials have varying lifespans. Shingles, metal panels, tile, and shake are all engineered and manufactured to last for different lengths of time, depending on their application and the environment in which they are installed. If you’re unsure when your roof was installed, it’s less important to discuss its lifespan. When you’re planning to install a new roof and expect to live in the house for a while, it’s important to consider the lifecycles of roofing materials. A professional roofer can assess your current roof and give you an idea of how long it should last. If your roof has been damaged by a storm or if you see any ruptures, peeled-back shingles, missing tiles, or damaged flashing, it’s best to have it inspected by a professional.

3. Your roofing repair costs are increasing.

Frequent roofing repairs could indicate that your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan. Roofing materials weaken over time and become more susceptible to damage. If your roof requires more and more attention, it’s time to consider a replacement. Contact a contractor you trust to discuss style options and costs. Addressing the issue now will save you from significant out-of-pocket costs later on. If you’ve observed any of the signs mentioned above, it’s time to have a reputable contractor inspect your roof and present options. RAA Roofing offers quality roof replacements that are long-lasting and competitively priced, using the best available options and materials.

Have you made the decision that it’s necessary to get a new roof??

As mentioned previously, damage or wear and tear to your roof can result in significant expenses that won’t simply go away on their own. If you’ve noticed any signs of damage, it’s important to take action by having a reliable contractor come and evaluate the situation, provide recommendations, and proceed accordingly. To get started, contact RAA Roofing at. Our services include high-quality, long-lasting roof replacements at competitive rates, with a range of top-notch materials and options to choose from.